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Acquisition Q&A


What options are available for individuals without home computers?

These employees can use computers at public libraries and local WorkSource (formerly called “Employment Security”) offices in South King County. MultiCare’s Human Resources Department has a list of these sites. MultiCare also offers application kiosks at several locations in Tacoma General Hospital and in Good Samaritan Hospital’s Human Resources Department.

Can I complete my application at work?

No. You will need to apply during non-work hours.

Can I get help with my application?

This site includes an application tip sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to complete your application.

How much detail do I need to put into my job application?

You are not required to include your entire work history or your education. However, including this information will help MultiCare evaluate your qualifications and ensure you are placed appropriately into the pay grade for your position. It will also allow us to document your years of experience and level of education in our HRIS system.

Will I need an updated resume?

No. You will not be required to submit a resume with your application. However, it will be very helpful to include all of your relevant work experience and your education.

If I have already applied, is it too late to attach a resume?

No. You can add a resume, transcript or other documents to your application. To do this, go to Click on the “View My Account” tab under the orange Job Search heading. Scroll down to the “Additional Documents” heading at the bottom of the page and click the “Add” button. This will take you to a page where you can attach a resume to your application.

I work an 8-5 job. When I applied on the MultiCare job site, it said my position was on-call, will I still have an FTE?

Yes. If hired, you will retain an FTE. All of the jobs are posted as having “variable” shifts and an “on-call” status. This was done to expedite the posting of a large number of posted jobs. Your FTE will be corrected at the end of the hiring process.

I was terminated by MultiCare. Can I be hired back?

Your employment history with MultiCare and Good Samaritan (including any past assignments through staffing agencies) will be reviewed. This information will be considered as we evaluate whether to offer you a position.

Where can we get the drug screening done?

MultiCare has occupational medicine clinics in Fife, Tacoma and Puyallup. 

What should I do if I can’t get to the drug screening site within the 48-hour window?

If scheduling your drug screen will be a concern, talk with your HR contact.

Will employees hired by MultiCare be subject to a 90-day probation period?

Yes. As with all new hires, employees who become MultiCare will be considered probationary during their first 90 days.


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How long do I have to be in my current position before I can transfer into a different role?

MultiCare requires employees to work in a position for at least six months before they are eligible to transfer. This policy does not apply to transfer applications by on-call employees or for transfers within a cost center.


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Will my pay stay the same?

If you are offered a position with MultiCare, the pay rate will be consistent with what we pay other employees with similar education and experience in the same role. Although it is unlikely the offer will match your current pay rate exactly, it should be very close.

How does Gainsharing work?

Gainsharing rewards employees for helping MultiCare achieve important organizational goals. Full-time employees can receive up to $2,300 per year in Gainsharing awards. Part-time employees can receive payouts based on total hours worked. Although MultiCare is a non-profit, we still need strong financial results to enable investments in programs and facilities for our patients. Each year, a target is set for the system’s financial performance using its “operating margin”. The target must be achieved to trigger the Gainsharing program. The operating margin determines the potential size of individual awards assuming a particular entity achieves its facility goals for patient satisfaction and quality. If either the patient satisfaction or quality goal is not achieved, the award is reduced by 25%. If neither the patient satisfaction nor quality goals are achieved the total award is reduced by 50%.

How does eligibility work?

To be eligible for Gainsharing, MultiCare employees must work at least 1,000 hours during the plan year. 

Will our sick leave and vacation time go away when we become MultiCare employees?

Questions about sick leave and vacation payouts should be directed to your Human Resources Department or manager. When you become a MultiCare employee, you will begin with zero balance in your leave accounts. However, instead of earning time off at the new hire rate, you will accrue PTO (paid time off) based on your years of service with your current employer. EIT (extended illness time) accrues at a rate of just over 3 hours a pay period regardless of your length of service.

Is the PTO program “use it or lose it?” Do you have to take it all in one year?

No. Both your PTO and EIT balances carry over year-to-year. Non-management employees are allowed to maintain balances of up to two times their annual accrual rate. Management and some non-union positions are allowed balances of up to 1.5 times their annual accrual rate. When these caps are reached, accruals stop. Accruals start again after some of the time earned has been used.

Does MultiCare do buy-outs of accrued PTO?

Employees in job classes that provide direct care and a few others have access to a PTO cash-out plan twice each year.


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What benefits does MultiCare offer?

MultiCare offers a comprehensive benefits plan that includes medical, dental and life insurance as well as a generous paid time off program. You can learn more by visiting the Pay & Benefits page.

When I get my conditional offer of employment how do I accept it and enroll in benefits?

You can tell your HR contact right away that you wish to accept. The next step will be to pass a background check and drug screen. You will receive a formal offer letter.

I had already met my health insurance deductible for 2012. Will I have to start over?

Yes. Expenses incurred under your current health insurance plan cannot be applied to the deductible for MultiCare’s health insurance plan. Any expenses you incur between then and the end of the year will be applied to MultiCare’s annual deductible.

What will happen to my healthcare reimbursement account?

This type of plan is typically not “portable” between employers. You will also have the option to create a healthcare reimbursement account through MultiCare when you complete your new hire paperwork.

Will sick leave or vacation roll over?

No. If offered a position with MultiCare, you will start with a zero balance in your PTO account. However, you will begin earning paid time off on your first day of employment. The amount of time off you earn will be based on your years of service at your current employer plus your time with MultiCare following the acquisition. You should direct any questions you have about your existing benefits to your manager.

My spouse already works for MultiCare. Can I just be covered under his insurance?

Yes. MultiCare offers several options for spouses or domestic partners who both work for MultiCare.

Who is MultiCare’s insurance carrier?

MultiCare is self-insured, and our plan is administered by First Choice Network. Our dental coverage is through Washington Dental Service.

Is there a discount for using MultiCare facilities?

MultiCare’s health insurance plan does offer a lower co-insurance rate for services provided within the First Choice network and services provided by MHS facilities. This network is not limited to MultiCare providers. The co-insurance rate for prescriptions filled at a MultiCare pharmacy is only half of the co-insurance rate for prescriptions filled at other First Choice pharmacies


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Can I move my 401k account?

Yes. Generally funds in your 401(k) plan can be transferred into another qualified plan, such as MultiCare’s 403(b) retirement account. You will need to contact your current plan administrator to clarify the process for rolling your pre-tax savings into another pre-tax savings account. If you don’t follow the correct procedures, you may have to pay excise tax and Federal income tax.

How will my current retirement account transfer to MultiCare?

Your existing 401(k) plan will not automatically transfer into MultiCare’s 403(b) retirement plan. You will want to consult with your plan administrator to learn more about your options, including the option to roll the account into MultiCare’s 403(b) plan.

Learn more about MultiCare's retirement plans. PDF Document


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I have a vacation planned that was already approved. Will I get to take it?

Yes. MultiCare will honor previously approved requests for time away. However, if it occurs before you have accrued enough PTO to cover it, some or all of the time away will be unpaid. 

If my vacation time is unpaid, what will happen to my medical and dental insurance coverage during that time?

The answer will depend upon the length, timing and nature of your absence. You will need to consult with MultiCare’s Benefits team before your leave begins.

I am currently on FMLA. What will happen once MultiCare takes over?

The Family Medical Leave Act regulations require MultiCare to honor FMLA leaves in place when the sale is final. If you have current approved FMLA, MultiCare will honor the terms of the approved leave.

I am pregnant and will have my baby after the sale date. Will I be eligible for maternity leave and bonding time under the FMLA?

Maternity leave is protected by Washington State law and does not require a specific length of service or hours worked to quality. So, you will quality for maternity leave. FMLA requires that you have been with your employer for at least one year and have worked 1250 hours at the time the leave is taken. The regulations also require that MultiCare honor your current employer's hours and hire date for purposes of evaluating eligibility for FMLA leave. After the acquisition, we’d encourage you to contact MultiCare Leave Management to discuss your upcoming leave and to learn how to apply for the time away.


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Will I get credit for all my years as an employee?

Yes, for some purposes. If you are hired by MultiCare in conjunction with the acquisition, your hire date will be the date of transfer to MultiCare. However, you will also have an “adjusted hire date” that reflects your years of service with your current employer. This adjusted hire date will be used to determine your eligibility for retirement benefits vesting and your accrual rate for paid time off. You should direct any questions you have about your existing manager benefits to Employee Relations.

Is there assistance for employees who are also going to school?

Yes. MultiCare offers a tuition reimbursement plan that pays eligible employees up to $3,000 a year.


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Does MultiCare have a dress code?

Yes. We will review the dress code during your orientation.