Fat Tire FAQ

Q. Is there support on the Fat Tire Route?

The Fat Tire First Day will be lightly supported with a combination of water/energy drink available at:


 10 miles (Rattlesnake Lake)

 15 miles (Olallie) SNACKS

 30 miles (Summit Lunch) FOOD

 46 miles (Lake Easton) ICE CREAM SUNDAES

 55 miles (So. Cle Elum)

As per the usual on a mountain bike you should always have your own food and water with you as well as a tire repair kit. There will be mechanics roaming on the trail, but since they will be on bikes as well, it might take you a while to receive help. There will also be mechanics at the lunch stop, and start line. If your bike is in excellent repair when you start you should not have too much trouble. The trail is very well maintained.

Q. Do we need a headlamp to get through the tunnel?

You must have your own headlamp or headlight for your bike/helmet as the tunnel is pitch dark and over 2 miles long. We are trying to have a vendor offer a great pro deal price on a fantastic headlight for our riders. We'll keep you posted on that.

Q. Do we have to bring two bikes?

You will be more comfortable with fat, treaded tires on the Fat Tire Route. You (your hands and arms) will be even more comfortable if you have front suspension on your bike. However, the trail is compact gravel with larger gravel in some spots. So a cyclocross bike or a firm-framed road bike with fat tires will work. It is NOT adviseable to use an ultra lightweight road bike on this route. You can also consider bringing an extra set of tires or wheels and switch them out in Suncadia at the end of the route for the next day.

Q. How will we get our Mt. bikes back after the first day?

Your Fat Tire First Day bikes and wheels will be loaded onto a truck at Dawson Park in Suncadia, locked and stored back at Mt. Si High School for the weekend. You will be able to pick it up on Monday. For security reasons, you will not be able to have the bike picked up at a different location or prior to Monday. There will be security personnel on-site at Mt. Si High School all weekend. You are welcome to have family or friends retrieve your bike from you directly at the Dawson Park venue before it gets loaded onto the truck if you prefer.