Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Child Abuse Intervention Department

Each year the Child Abuse Intervention Department (CAID) at Mary Bridge will treat hundreds of sexual assault patients, and social workers will handle thousands of phone calls from concerned parents. National Childrens Alliance

Of the children seen at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Child Abuse Intervention Department:

  • Ages range from four weeks to 18 years
  • Average age is four years
  • Ratio of girls to boys is 5:1
  • 2/3 of the mothers of victims were victims themselves

At Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital the Children’s Advocacy Center of Pierce County offers a child-friendly partnership of agencies serving abused children and their families through a comprehensive approach of treatment with medical, prosecution, police, CPS forensic interview and mental health services.

Child Abuse Intervention Department 2008 Statistics

Total number of children who received service at the Child Advocacy Center: 1,233
Girls: 888
Boys: 345

Ages of children served:
0-6: 536

7-12: 420

13-18: 277

Services Provided
Medical exams: 525 (415 for sexual abuse; 110 for physical abuse)
Counseling: 313
On-site Forensic interviews: 418
Off-site Forensic interviews: 54
Case management/resource coordination: 486

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