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MultiCare Health Foundation supports health care for adults and families through philanthropy in support of MultiCare Health System.

Rock the Foundation is a dynamic fundraising event for Tacoma General and Allenmore Hospitals. Guests enjoy an intimate concert with headline entertainment preceded by a lively dinner auction. The event supports the hospitals by raising funds to benefit critical care technology for adult and neonatal patients.

In 2013 Rock the Foundation benefited the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in support of a tiny cause: premature babies. These precious newborns often spend the first weeks or months of their lives in the NICU. Their survival depends upon a sophisticated incubator, the Giraffe Omnibed, which provides a safe environment for these fragile infants. With your support, we were able to secure the 19 beds needed to complete the NICU.

Rock the Foundation 2014!

Heart, Soul, Rock and Roll in support of Heart Health

The Problem:  Atrial fibrillation or A-fib is the most common heart rhythm disorder worldwide and is especially prevalent in Pierce County. Chances are that you know someone with A-fib,  a heart that races or flutters, beating at two or three times the normal rate. One in four adults over 40 will develop A-fib in their lifetime ― and their risk of stroke increases by 500%. Nationwide, A-fib costs over $7 billion every year in medical care, including emergency room services, hospitalization, and prescriptions. Today, cardiac specialists have the expertise to correct a high percentage of A-fib cases, but they must have the newest equipment to be as effective as possible. The procedure is safer and more accurate with the technology that is now available – and much needed here in our community.

The Cause:  The very best equipment for cardiac patients in our community ― a GPS for exploring, mapping and fixing the heart

There is remarkable new technology that will help our cardiac specialists save lives for hundreds – and improve lives for thousands.

In simple terms, it is “like a GPS for the heart.” This complex equipment is the future of heart care and heart surgery, especially for babies, children and adults with erratic heart beats, including A-fib. The equipment will also be helpful in preparing for the comprehensive treatment of other cardiac procedures, such as replacing valves, constructing heart bypasses and repairing abnormal hearts.

The Equipment: A 3D Cardiac Mapping System
The newest techniques require three pieces of equipment that work together to map the heart with amazing 3D accuracy. This technology will improve cardiac care today – and it is designed to adapt to future innovations in heart care as well.

•The Carto 3 is the “GPS” -- the most advanced cardiac mapping program available. This equipment includes a tiny probe that allows surgeons to explore a person’s heart and map its structure with precision, clarity, speed and safety.

•The Odyssey DVR System is the electronic “map” that enables doctors to watch and customize multiple screen views of the heart as they explore its intricate structures with the Carto 3 and a tiny camera, performing delicate surgery using minimally invasive techniques.

•A New cardiac ultrasound is necessary to support the Carto 3 and Odyssey DVR.