Rotary Clubs

In 1988, the "Tacoma Little Boy" incident drew the attention of local and national media. But more importantly it drew the attention of local Rotarians as well. Two members of the Tacoma Sunrise Rotary came to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital with an idea to invite all of the Pierce County Rotary Clubs to take on the problem of child abuse in our communities. Out of this challenge came the birth of the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour and the creation of the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

RotaryFrom the initial gift of $100,000 from the Lakewood Rotary, the endowment has grown to over $5 million dollars in 18 years. Each Rotary Club in Pierce County has taken on responsibility for creating, staffing and supporting one of the rider service centers or lunch stops along the Courage Classic route.

Each year more than 400 Rotary volunteers participate to support the cyclists. These Rotary Rider Service Centers provide riders with a place to stop and rest, refuel with snacks or lunch, make an adjustment to their bikes or just enjoy the day with some new friends. The Rotary Clubs of Pierce County are an integral part of the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour and their continued support, smiles along the route and hard work behind the scenes is what makes the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour second to none.